Electrical Troubleshooting

We Love to Help Our Clients Solve Electrical Mysteries!

Problems in your home or business with flashing lights, not enough outlets, ceiling fans that just don’t work?  We can help with that and more.

Professional electricians use a variety of methods to troubleshoot electrical problems. Some common techniques include:

  • Using a circuit tester or multimeter to test for continuity, voltage, and current in circuits and electrical components.
  • Using test lamps or other specialized testing devices to diagnose problems with switches, outlets, and other electrical components.
  • Inspecting connections and wiring for loose or damaged components.
  • Tracing circuits to locate breaks or shorts in the wiring.
  • Testing protective devices such as fuses and circuit breakers to ensure they are functioning properly.
  • Consulting wiring diagrams and technical documentation to identify and fix problems.
  • Using non-invasive technologies such as infrared thermal imaging to detect hot spots or other issues within electrical systems.